Optima provides maintenance services to over 160 housing companies and commercial properties in Vantaa, Helsinki, Espoo, Nurmijärvi and Kerava. Our property maintenance services are provided in a fully transparent manner. Each and every completed task is recorded in the House Optima™ digital maintenance log.

Expertise in HVAC 

Optima can provide a wide range of maintenance service including heating, ventilation and air conditioning services. Optima is able to supply licensed electrical personnel who will undertake all electrical installations and electrical work.

Individualised maintenance agreement

We provide a wide range of maintenance services. An individual maintenance agreement is tailored according to customer needs, taking the property’s features into account. The agreement is carefully drafted, and we deliver excellent maintenance service to fulfill customers needs.

Varied cleaning and outdoor services 

Optima can also supply a range of services for cleaning and taking care of the property indoors and outdoors. Examples include raking leaves, removing snow, flag-raising, cleaning corridors and floors.

Housing Coop Vantaan Ruustinna

We have only been a customer for just a month but already we can see, that the reporting system seems to be efficient and your customer service has answered calls very fast.

House Optima®  digital maintenance log

Every completed task is recorded in the House Optima® digital maintenance log. Upon request we can also notify you of each completed task via email, which will include a written description of the task in question. More about digital log – House Optima®

Additional services

Optima maintenance services assist you with problems big and small when it comes to repairs and maintaining properties. You can place an order for jobs that are not currently included in your maintenance service contract, either through our online system House Optima®, or by contacting our 24/7 service desk. Optima’s staff are skilled professionals and we have a large range of equipment available. Read more